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IT at Scottsdale Healthcare: a revolutionary transformation

We're undergoing a complete infrastructure change as we reshape and redefine population management at Scottsdale Healthcare. We're working proactively to pioneer new avenues in the use of medical electronic records to meet the increasing demands of computing within the hospital and health care at large.

This truly is a greenfield endeavor for technologists - one that has sparked a host of new projects and new opportunities as we collaborate on out bold new model for delivering IT services.

We're seeking innovative, highly driven professionals?experts and visionaries who also understand that everything we do revolves around our ability to care for our patients, and to provide safe, secure, and reliable technology services to physicians, staff and volunteers.

We are hiring for many information technology positions including: Engineer Jobs, Database Jobs, Informaticists Jobs, and IT Management Jobs.

Engineering Jobs

Use the full scope of your expertise as you take your place on the ground floor of this endeavor. You'll get to draw on your creativity as you help support the creation of this system, and then utilize your experience to help implement and manage it.

We are hiring for Engineers in the following jobs:

  • Ambulatory Systems Engineer
  • Ambulatory Support Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Specialist IT Interface Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Senior Technical Architect

Database Jobs

Bring your skills and your vision to help pioneer, implement, and manage a system that will impact healthcare IT for years to come.

We are hiring for Database candidates in the following jobs:

  • Senior Database Engineers
  • Systems Specialist - Technical
  • Database Administrator
  • Senior Database Administrator

Informaticists Jobs

A true green field opportunity! Very few IT professionals get the chance to contribute meaningfully to a project like this. You'll help develop a population-based management system that takes us far beyond today's hospital or clinic-based types of systems. We seek informaticists at the top of their game to plan, architect, and build a truly innovative care delivery model.

We are hiring for Informaticists in the following jobs:

  • Ambulatory Informaticist
  • Clinical Informaticist

To search our current opportunities and apply to one of these exciting IT jobs today, please click the following link to search by keyword: You can also see a current listing of our IT Jobs below.